Presentations at the main track of 2021 will be a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous discussion. We’re aiming to try and balance the needs of a range of presenters and authors.

  1. A video submission used to explain your work (deadline March 7th)
  2. A PDF of a poster used to stimulate conversations (deadline March 7th)
  3. A channel on discord used to host asynchronous discussions
  4. 2x live facilitated Zoom sessions in which you can discuss your work with attendees at the conference (Scheduling process TBA)

Please see the instructions for attendees for details as to how these will appear to your audience, but in short, the video will be uploaded to YouTube and PDF will be shared in advance, the PDF will act as discussion focus of the Discord channel and the facilitated discussions.

1. Video

Video File

Please prepare your video so that it is suitable for YouTube. We recommend aiming for 15 minutes or less. 1080p resolution is recommended for presenting slides, supported resolutions can be found here. Nevertheless, please check that fonts and figures are readable at lower resolutions (360p). Supported file formats are documented in the YouTube FAQ

Closed Caption File [optional]

We plan to enable closed captions for each video to make them more accessible. To give you the chance to edit the subtitles, we accept submissions of closed caption transcripts (SRT files), otherwise viewers have to rely on auto-generated captions. See the YouTube documentation for editing and downloading auto-generated CCs as a starting point.

Publication Opt-Out

We’ll upload your video as ‘unlisted’, and then after the conference we’ll make it publicly available. If you would like it to be deleted instead please let us know when you submit the video.

Video Submission

Please share your video and, optionally, a corresponding closed caption (.srt) file with by whatever means you prefer (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, pointer to a file on a webserver).

2. PDF poster

Please prepare a PDF for online viewing - the idea is that it’ll give attendees something to click around and explore, and serve as a basis for starting conversations with people in the channel. It should aim to draw people in. It’s ok to include text that isn’t legible without zooming in, but we recommend to choose a format where at least the title is readable when scaled down to 900 px (Discord preview size), for example A3 or a 16:9 slide.

Please submit the PDF with your video (incl. closed captions) to by March 7th 2021.

3 & 4. The discussion on Discord and Zoom

Each paper will have a discord channel associated with it - we’ll send you an email when they’re ready. To find your channel, please log in to Researchr, navigate to your paper and you should find a link there. If you don’t, please let us know.

We will also post a link there to the time and place for the Zoom discussions with attendees about your work!

If you have any questions or need any help - please reach out to us at:


Authors, abstract, links to the paper, Zoom links to the live discussion, poster, and video are going to be displayed like this in Discord: Discord Channel Preview