‹Programming› 2021 will be held as an online event.

Things to do at ‹Programming› 2021

  • Paper Q&A Sessions For each paper there are two live Q&A sessions of 30 minutes length on Zoom. The authors will briefly summarize the paper before the discussions. However, to get the most out of these sessions, we encourage you to watch the accompanying videos in advance. Additionally, if you want to catch authors early or want to follow up on a question, every paper has a corresponding text channel on Discord.
  • Paper Materials You can access pre-recorded talks and posters for all papers via the schedule (requires registration).
  • Keynotes, Conversation Starters, and Workshops also take place on Zoom. You can find more about that in the schedule.
  • Social For continuing discussions beyond a scheduled slot, spontaneous chats, or meeting new people you can find a number of channels on Discord.

Access to ‹Programming› 2021

‹Programming› 2021 runs on three online platforms, each providing different services:

  • The schedule of the conference website provides you with access information for all synchronous events and additional material to talks of the main conference (requires researchr.org check-in, instructions are sent on March 15 or on registration).

  • Synchronous, scheduled events run on Zoom. Access details can be found in the schedule.

  • Chatting, meeting, and discussing beyond the scheduled events happen on Discord. For example, it provides text channels for each paper and workshop and a number of voice channels to meet in. The Discord server opens on March 19 (instructions are sent on March 19 or on registration).

Instructions for authors are here.


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